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Probate  and Estate Administration

The period after a person dies can be a traumatic and upsetting time. The last thing on your mind is the administration of the deceased’s estate. We understand that being a Personal Representative can be legally difficult and personally distressing. Our specialist team can relieve you of the burden of winding up the deceased’s estate so as to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. 

What we will do:
We usually administer the estate on behalf of the Executors or Administrators (where there is no valid Will). In this case, we will efficiently deal with the estate of the deceased (money, property and possessions owned by them) by collecting all monies, paying any debts and tax due and then dividing the estate amongst the beneficiaries. This involves dealing with the banks and building societies and other financial institutions connected with the person who has died.

Furthermore, if the deceased owned a property and this property has to be sold or transferred, we can provide expert advice and assistance in regards to this, and will give a written quotation of our charges on request.

Once we have full details of the assets and liabilities in the estate, we can then prepare the necessary paperwork for the Grant of Probate, or Letters of Administration (in cases where the deceased left no Will) so we can efficiently wind up the estate.

At the end of this intricate process, we will prepare detailed accounts so as to illustrate exactly how the estate has been distributed so you can see that the deceased’s’ estate has been administered properly.

If you would like us to administer an estate on your behalf, or would like more information, then please contact our experienced Probate and Estate Administration Team by telephoning 07 4662 2033, or email us at