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 Employment Law

The relationship between you and your employer is crucial. It is vital that if you have any concerns regarding your employment, you seek legal advice as soon as possible. Most employment issues are time critical.

You may wish to discuss a proposed contract of employment with us, with a view to negotiating better terms or, ensuring that your contract is within the law. If your employer seeks to vary your contract during the course of employment, do not feel that you have to accept the amendment: you do have options on which we can give you advice.

We regularly advise individual clients, where the employment relationship has broken down, explaining your options, determining the merits of your position and seeking a cost effective resolution on matters such as:-

Your employer may be contemplating your dismissal, in which case there are certain statutory procedures which must be followed. We can advise you through this process and thereafter, if you are dismissed, we can offer expert advice on your employment rights and the termination package you should receive. In many dismissal cases, employers will put together a compromise agreement, in settlement of all legal claims you may have. We can advise in whether this agreement is suitable or not and your obligations under it. It is possible that, following advice, you can negotiate a higher settlement figure.

If you suspect that you are being discriminated against in the work place by either your employer or colleague, please contact us immediately.

Where you decide to pursue an employment claim we will deal with the management of the case efficiently and effectively, aiming wherever possible to undertake the advocacy ourselves.