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Dispute Resolution

We handle disputes in a wide variety of areas including:- Contract claims, Neligence claims, Neighbour and Boundary disputes, Landlord and Tenant disputes, Probate claims and Partnership disputes. We also handle employment and personal injury. Please refer to the specialist links for more details on these two areas.

Carvosso & Winship’s litigation team has the necessary problem-solving skills and specialist expertise to resolve your dispute. We will seek the earliest possible resolution, where at all possible, and are ever mindful of the Court’s emphasis on achieving resolution without the need for Court intervention.

There are certain situations where Court intervention cannot be avoided and we will conduct your matter in order to best protect your interests. Our litigation team is well equipped to handle your court case. We have good links to barrister’s chambers in Brisbane but, in some cases our solicitors will handle the advocacy themselves.

Our advice is always considered in relation to the client’s particular circumstances and objectives, paying particular attention to the issue of costs.

If you consider that you may become involved in a dispute or a dispute has already arisen, please give our litigation team a call.