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Peter Allen

Peter holds the degree of Bachelor of Laws with honours from the University of Queensland. He has over 30 years of Queensland legal experience, both as a barrister and a solicitor.

His grandfather was a magistrate, his great-uncle was a barrister, and his father, uncle and brother were all solicitors.

He is a published legal author, and served for almost two decades as the editor of the authorised reports of the decisions of the Supreme Court of Queensland.

He has experience in a wide spectrum of the civil law, while maintaining a special interest in commercial law and property law.

As a consultant to the firm, he assists in the conduct of litigation, while also performing a more general drafting and advisory role.

Away from the law, his interests are history, politics, economics, sport and remaining fit and active.

You may contact Peter directly by telephone on 07 4662 2033 or alternatively by email to